Elementary School Updates 6-10-19

Volunteer Leadership Team

Box Tops Contest Completion

Congratulations to Colton F. and Rainer S. for winning the Box Tops Collection Drive drawing. They each received a $5 gift card of their choice. A special prize of movie tickets will be given to Payton B. for bringing in the most Box Tops ($30). The families close behind her were the Faker family ($28), the Scearce family ($28) and the Garza family ($20).  

This second collection drive brought in $114, making our school-year total $820! Thank you to everyone for the support and contributions in helping to raise money for our school by clipping those Box Tops!  

Please continue to collect and submit through June 13. We encourage you to collect over the summer and watch for 2019-20 school year contest info.

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God has gifted us each in different ways. Many of you have contributed in one form or another to serve our Lord, students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. We are forever grateful for your part in this year's journey. May God bless you and keep you this summer and we look forward to serving with you again next year!  

In His Service,

The VLT Cabinet

Anna Faker, President;, Kathy Turner K-8 Vice President; Kari Christianson, 9-12 Vice President; Ronna Crandall, Treasurer; Bonnie Jean Huset, Secretary

Summer Gymnastics

Interested in summer gymnastics? Check out a fun opportunity and more info here!

Important Elementary Updates:

6/10 - K-8th grade NO SCHOOL Records Day

6/11 - Kindergarten Fly-up @ 6:30

6/12 - Grades 1-8 Pool Party 12:30 - 2:30

6/13 -  Last day of school - 12:00 Dismissal