What is Learning Edge?

Our personalized team approach is individually tailored to students, giving them the “edge” they need to succeed in all areas of learning. We offer complimentary access to all K-8 students who opt in.


Concordia’s Learning Edge offers customized education for every student using a unique, AAA approach:

ACHIEVE (Skills Remediation)

Students receive one-on-one or small group tutoring designed to help them strengthen the specific skills needed to consistently succeed in the classroom.

ADVANCE (Modified Curriculum and/or Accommodations)

Students begin work in a subject at their current level of mastery and progress at an individualized pace in the Learning Edge or regular classroom, with expectations modified and/or accommodations in place to encourage success. This may include a reduced workload (some assignments cut back, extended, or eliminated) or the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know in a different way (assignments or testing modified to focus on learning strengths and preferred modalities). Students exit the program when they are consistently demonstrating grade level achievement as measured by periodic summative assessment.

ACCELERATE (Free to fly!)

Students engage in independent study that is self-paced at a much faster rate than the pace of the regular classroom. These learners are assisted, monitored, and assessed through the Learning Edge, moving quickly through material that allows them to learn at levels beyond their current grade placement. There is no limit to how far they can go!

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