Orange Lutheran High School

Orange Lutheran High School offers a selection of online courses, designed to allow students to broaden their academic experience. Courses designed by Orange Lutheran instructors for online use range from Social Studies to Communication, Business Law/Accounting, Health, Math, English, Science, Spanish, Theology, and a selection of AP courses that can be taken throughout the school year and in summer months. These classes can be used to satisfy MRLH academic requirements and add flexibility to a student’s schedule. Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) mirrors the high quality academic structure and teaching methods of traditional classroom learning, with a convenient and flexible format.

Here are some benefits of enrollment with Orange Lutheran Online (OLO):

  • Fully accredited high school curriculum of online courses available.
  • Classes approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and University of California (UC) system and the iNACOL standards.
  • Tuition:  $425 per course semester.

Student Qualifications:

Meet with Academic Advisor to include online class
Meet Enrollment Application deadline

Contact Mr. Neumiller with questions regarding OLO enrollment:

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