Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the graduation requirements below:

            4 credits         English

            3 credits         Mathematics

            3 credits         Science

            3 credits         Social Studies

            2 credits         Religion

            2 credits         Health & Fitness

            2 credits         World Language or Personalized Pathway

            2 credit           Arts

            1 credit           Career and Technical Education

            4 credits         Electives

           26 credits minimum

Additional requirements for all students include the completion of 80 hours of service and a Culminating Project.

Service Learning

The goal of service learning is such that students who graduate from CCA will be highly motivated to play an active role in society by identifying and using their God-given talents in service to the world, beginning in the immediate community and reaching beyond. Students will experience service opportunities through a planned curriculum which deepens their understanding of how service is a reflection of our God who first served us in the person of Jesus Christ. We are created to love and care for others, because our Creator first loves and cares for us.

80 hour service requirement over the four years must be met in order to graduate from CCA. Students who transfer to CCA mid year will have their requirements/hours pro-rated.


Culminating Project

Each senior will complete a Senior Project in his or her Senior English class. The Senior Project is designed to be the culmination of academic experiences and is a genuine opportunity for seniors to merge their various interests, passions, and curiosities with their academic lives while demonstrating autonomy and critical analysis skills.

Program Components – The Four P’s

Research Paper: Students must complete a research paper that develops and demonstrates proficiency in accessing, sorting, selecting and validating information. Students will choose a topic for their paper with faculty approval.

Product: Demonstrates application of learning and skills related to the research paper topic. Product types include physical product, written product, performance, physical experience, career-related and service-based.

Portfolio: Students compile artifacts that demonstrate their learning journey. The portfolio will provide documentation that details the process they went through to complete their culminating project.

Presentation: Demonstrates oral communication skills. The presentation should capture the process of completing this project. It will be given before a review panel of judges and include a question and answer session.