Drama Department

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Concordia Christian Academy takes great pride in providing a well-rounded and collaborative theater experience. We make theater accessible to students through a variety of classes and co-curricular opportunities beginning in 6th grade and extending through high school.

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In middle school, drama class provides an opportunity for students to explore creative drama techniques including role-play, pantomime, and improvisation. The class performs for the Concordia student body at least four times each year, including a drama competition in Portland, Oregon for the Lutheran Elementary School Tournament in February, and a big spring production for families at the end of the school year. This elective is open to 7th and 8th grades only, and class size is limited to 16 students who audition for a place in the class each fall.


In high school, students are trained in a multitude of theater areas—acting, stage management, stage and technical design. In classes, other skills such as playwriting and directing are emphasized.

“My highlight of taking theater was that you could be with other people…a whole bunch of people that love doing what you love doing.”
— Jalea Robinson, 2018 Alum

A hallmark of our theater program is the collaborative experience surrounding the preparation and production of each play. Every individual is tasked with a great deal of responsibility and leadership. Students learn about the major aspects of putting on a play and they bond in extraordinary ways as they work, act and share meals during after school rehearsals. Theater builds confidence, work ethic, camaraderie and speaking skills that carry into all aspects of life. This truly becomes a one-of-a-kind lasting memory that serves students well.

Kristal Gibelyou

Counselor / Middle + High School Drama Teacher