Financial FAQ

We strive to keep our tuition costs at a rate that is reasonable for families and also honors and attracts amazing faculty. View our 2024 rates below.

1/2 Day K$7,595
Grades K-5$11,268
Grades 6-8$12,258
Grades 9-12$13,653

*Activity + Technology Fee can be added to tuition.

Extended Care is open only on days that school is in session. Children will not be allowed in the building before 7 am and will be walked to class at 8:30 am.

Extended Care has 2 sessions per day. Morning Session is 7 am – 8:30 am, and Afternoon Session is 3:15 pm – 5:30 pm. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can use any combination of sessions. Morning & Afternoon Sessions will always count as individual sessions. Any time spent in a session will count as a full session. Any unused sessions at month end will not be rolled over or credited.

                                                                                                           Single child             Family

                                                                                                           Monthly Rate          Monthly Rate

Usage Plan                                                                                                                                     

Up to 15 sessions per month                                                          $150.00                     $225.00

16 + sessions per month                                                                  $275.00                     $325.00


                                                                                                            Single child              Family                                                                                                                                                            Daily Rate                 Daily Rate

Drop In                                                                                                                                             

Per Session (morning or afternoon)                                             $20.00                       $35.00

Early Dismissal Afternoon only                                                      $30.00                       $50.00       


Usage Plan                                                                                                                                     

Late pickup fees will be charged at a rate of $10.00 per 15 minutes past 5:30 pm. These fees will be added to your Facts account on a weekly basis.

Monthly rates will be charged to your Facts account and must be paid by the first of the month for each month your child will be attending. Drop-in rates must be paid by the morning of the day your child will be attending.

Extended Care fees not paid in full on a monthly basis will result in the suspension of Extended Care services until paid in full.


$125 Due Upon Application – Non-refundable.
(Contact the office before applying for Kindergarten if your child’s birthday is after 8/31.)

Due upon enrollment – Non-refundable.

Grades K-5$250
Grades 6-8$300
Grades 9-12$350

Covers updates and maintenance to our technology program. K-8 students are supplied with a PC for school as needed.

Grades K-8$250
Grades 9-12


High school students are required to bring a laptop for personal use throughout the school day.

Requirements are:

  • Intel Core i5, 8th Gen or Better
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 128 GB Hard Drive or SSD Storage
  • Windows Based PC – Recommended
  • 14″ or larger Display

(Macs will work, but teachers may use a software only available on Windows, so Windows is recommended.)

  • Chromebooks and iPads are not

Grades K-8 covers field trips, yearbooks, outdoor education, and fun field days. Grades 9-12 covers student council events (excludes prom), yearbooks, field trips, and fun field days. For personal student computer requirements and Acceptable Use Policy in high school, click HERE.

Grade K-8$200
Grade 9-12

Yearbook Fee (Grades 9-12)


New Student Application Fee (non-refundable)$125
New Student Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)$200
Returning Student Application Fee (non-refundable)$100


Grades K-12$250


Covers student council events [excluding prom], field trips, outdoor education camp, and yearbook

Grades K-8$150
Grades 9-12$200

CORE CLASSES (per class)

Grades K-8$804$1,608
Grades 9-12$925$1,850


For students participating in Band, Choir, Art, Marimbas, Drama, or Classics

Grades 6-8$508$1016

CO-CURRICULAR FEE (per activity/sport)

For students participating in Athletics:

Grades 6-8$150

For students participating in Athletic, Drama, Speech + Debate, Junior Classical League and other school-sanctioned clubs:

Grades 9-12$175


Prices are per class and must be paid in full or by semester (August 1 & February 1).

Limit two classes per student; placement is subject to prior administrative approv0

Grade 12$200

*Activity + Technology fee and Graduation fee can be added to tuition payments

Fee is per activity.

Grade K-8$100
Grade 9-12$175

Annual/Semester: 2% Discount, see below. One-time FACTS administration fee of $20 for paying per semester or annually. Administration fee of $20 for the full or semester pay option.

Monthly: Tuition paid monthly for 11 months, starting in August. There is a one-time FACTS administration fee of $50 for this option.

All payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management. For those paying with credit cards, there will be a 4.00% charge per transaction.

In order to support your family, we provide discounts and credits.


 Enrollment Fee Discount*Tuition Discount*
First ChildPays in FullPays in Full
Second Child$50 Off10% Discount
Third Child$75 Off15% Discount
Additional Children$100 Off20% Discount


LCMS Called Worker25% off tuition
Pacific Lutheran University Employee10% off tuition
Active & Veteran Military Service Members20% off tuition


Annual/Semester Payment Discount:

Tuition and fees paid in full or by semester (August + February) receive a 2% discount on tuition only.


Referral Credit:

Refer a new family who enrolls at Concordia Christian Academy, receive a $1,000 credit towards tuition (Ask for Details).


Financial Aid:
All Financial Aid is processed via FACTS Grant & Aid. Apply online here.


Additional Scholarships:
Assistance may be available through your LCMS church membership. Please contact the church directly to inquire about this once you have completed the FACTS Grant + Aid application.

Financial aid is awarded based on a family’s household income, expenses, and the number of other families needing aid. Our endowment fund is limited, so applying early each year is recommended. We do our best to meet the need. Full scholarships are not available. Apply here.


Non-refundable Application Fee (New Students Only)$175
Non-refundable Enrollment Fee$500
Technology Fee$250
Activity Fee$300


Co-Curricular (Fee is per activity)$100


Non-refundable Application Fee (New Students Only)$175
Non-refundable Enrollment Fee$650
Technology Fee$250
Activity Fee$300
12th Grade Graduation Fee

9th-12th Grade Yearbook Fee

Co-Curricular (Fee is per activity)$175



Activity and Technology Fees include: yearbook, field trips, student body activities (not prom or JLC), Outdoor Ed., and upgrades and maintenance of our technology program.

Celebration and Graduation fee applies to 8th & 12th grade only.

Enrollment fees are due 30 days upon enrollment and are non-refundable.

First Semester tuition is due and payable by August 1 and at least one semester’s payment is due before students may enter classes.

Students must stay at least one semester ahead in tuition payments throughout the school year.

A payment schedule may be arranged with the Director of Admissions and must be made in writing. 


Tuition includes textbooks and laboratory fees. Note that supplies, which remain property of the student/family, are not included, for example, painting kits, etc.


International Students are not eligible for scholarship consideration. 

Please call the school office at 253.475.9513 if you have questions.